How to Speed up Firefox or Tune hidden settings

If your firefox is consuming to much memory there are things you can do to change that Or if you simply want to speed it up a little some of the following 4 tweaks may  help.

First you need to load the hidden firefox settings:

Type about:config into your Firefox address bar and hit Enter.

1. To speed up running images:

Double-click image.animation_mode and change it to ‘none’ to stop all animated images, or ‘once’ to let them run once. You can revert to the default by setting it back to ‘normal’.

2. Change the browser cache settings

“Back-Forward cache” for recently visited pages. The default setting for browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers, “-1,” set it to “0” so it doesn’t store anything.

3. To release unused memeory

Right click at the content (anywhere) and choose New->Boolean
In the textbox, type config.trim_on_minimize and press OK
Set the value to true, and press OK
Restart firefox to take effect

4. Change the browser history to save only the last few pages not the last 25 or 50

Then, search for browser.sessionhistory.max_entries and change the value to 5 or 10.

Hope this helps.