Outlook requires retry before opening

When opening outlook if it says the server is unavailable and then after you press retry it works. This happens when there IPv6 is enabled on your network adapter.

Simply disable IPv6 and the problem will go away. See screen shot below

Just un-tick IPv6 from the list and click on OK.

Outlook retry login solution


Outlook 2003 / 2007 Won’t Save Login Password

Outlook has a problem with logging in to a domain that is different to your local domain. So, this happens if your server is hosted outside of your local network.

To fix this problem open up your registry. (Start>Run or Search for Regedit)

The navigate to


Then modify the value of:

lmcompatibilitylevel to 2

If it doesn’t exist add a new “String Value“, call it “lmcompatibilitylevel” and modify the value to 2

This should allow outlook to open without prompting to login.