BT fault repaired but automated message is still on the line

This is how you can remove the automated message still on the phone line when people call you after BT engineers have fixed the fault. And, then you call BT customer services and they book you another engineer to fix it again.

1. Login to your online BT account

2. Find the fault that has been repaired

3. Then click on Accept the fault that has been repaired. Then after a few minutes the message should be gone.

Hope this helps someone!


How to increase the usable drive space on Linux 1and1 server

How can I increase a logical volume on 1and1 linux server?

Step 1 First, log into the server via SSH.
Step 2Once logged in, type df – h at the command prompt and hit ENTER. The partition and logical volume sizes will be listed including the used disk space. In the image below, the var logical volume is 4GB. Assume that ~9GB of web content will be uploaded to the /var folder. The disk space needs to be increased before there is enough space to upload the content.


Further Explanation:
df arrow image This is the disk free space command which will display disk usage information.
-h arrow image This option forces the output to be in human readable format. This will display sizes in KB, MB or GB.


Step 3

Next, type fdisk -l to view the total hard disk(s) size and partitions on the disk. It can also be noticed here that the physical partition /dev/sda3 is using Linux LVM.


Step 4

Type the pvs command and press Enter.

Further Explanation:
pvs arrow image Physical Volume Show command.
PV arrow image Physical Volume path
VF arrow image Volume Group name.
Fmt arrow image LVM Format
Attr arrow image Physical volume attributes. The a attribute means that the physical volume is allocatable and not read-only.
PSize arrow image Physical Size of the physical volume.
PFree arrow image Physical Freespace left on the physical volume.


Step 5

As stated above, our scenario requires roughly 9GB of data to be uploaded to the /var folder. Since the logical volume assigned to /var is only 4GB, we will increase this to 10GB using the lvextend command. The command below is to be used as reference only as the parameters will be different depending on your scenario. The format for the lvextend command is as follows:

lvextend -L +1G /dev/mapper/vg00-var

Further Explaination:

lvextend arrow image This is the logical volume extend command used to make a logical volume larger.
-L +6G arrow image It is specified using the Logical volume size option, how much larger to make the volume. In this scenario, 6 gigabytes is added to the current 4 gigabyte volume to result in a 10 gigabyte volume.
/dev/mapper/vg00-var arrow imageThe path to the logical volume is specified last. The path to the volume to be extended was taken from the output from the second step in this guide.


Step 6


Type df -h to display the disk free space once again. The lvextend operation finished successfully in the last step however the /dev/mapper/vg00-var size is still only showing 4.0G. This is because while the logical volume was increased successfully, the file system needs to be extended to take advantage of the full space of the logical volume.


Step 7

Type lvs to show the logical volume information once again. Here, we can confirm that the logical volume has successfully been extended to 10 gigabytes. In the next steps, we will increase the file system to match the logical volume size.


Step 8

Type mount and press ENTER to display the mounted file systems. From the output, we find that the /dev/mapper/vg00-var logical volume is using xfs (with the introduction of CentOS 6, the default filesystem is ext4).


Step 9

To increase the file system to match that of the logical volume, we will use the xfs_growfs command if the filesystem uses xfs or resize2fs if the filesystem is ext4.

Typing xfs_growfs /var (ubuntu) or resize2fs /dev/mapper/vg00-var (depending on which filesystem is used on your system) will extend the file system to the 10 gigabyte limit of the logical volume.


Step 10

Type df -h to display the disk free space to confirm that the file system has been extended.


Ubuntu how to run php shell script without waiting for output

How to run php script in shell without waiting for an output allowing you to leave the script running in the background or even ending the terminal.

1. First create php script file e.g RunBashScript.php and add the following code:

exec(‘sh /[full path to bash script]/ > /dev/null 2>&1 &’);

Save the file.

2. Next create bash script e.g and add the following:

/usr/bin/php -f /[full path to your actual php script]/ActualScriptToRun.php

Save that file.

3. To run your php script in the terminal type the following:

/usr/bin/php -f /[full path to bash script]/RunBashScript.php

Run “top” to see if PHP is running

To kill PHP simply run “pkill php”

Hope this helps someone!

How to Speed up Firefox or Tune hidden settings

If your firefox is consuming to much memory there are things you can do to change that Or if you simply want to speed it up a little some of the following 4 tweaks may  help.

First you need to load the hidden firefox settings:

Type about:config into your Firefox address bar and hit Enter.

1. To speed up running images:

Double-click image.animation_mode and change it to ‘none’ to stop all animated images, or ‘once’ to let them run once. You can revert to the default by setting it back to ‘normal’.

2. Change the browser cache settings

“Back-Forward cache” for recently visited pages. The default setting for browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers, “-1,” set it to “0” so it doesn’t store anything.

3. To release unused memeory

Right click at the content (anywhere) and choose New->Boolean
In the textbox, type config.trim_on_minimize and press OK
Set the value to true, and press OK
Restart firefox to take effect

4. Change the browser history to save only the last few pages not the last 25 or 50

Then, search for browser.sessionhistory.max_entries and change the value to 5 or 10.

Hope this helps.

gen already exists but is not a source folder. Convert to a source folder or rename it.

If anyone is getting this error in eclipse

gen already exists but is not a source folder. Convert to a source folder or rename it.

Here is how to fix it.

  1. Right click on the project and go to “Properties”
  2. Select “Java Build Path” on the left
  3. Open “Source” tab
  4. Click “Add Folder…”
  5. Check “gen” folder and click Ok and Ok again
  6. Again right click on the project and in the “Andriod Tools” click on “Fix Project Properties”

Outlook requires retry before opening

When opening outlook if it says the server is unavailable and then after you press retry it works. This happens when there IPv6 is enabled on your network adapter.

Simply disable IPv6 and the problem will go away. See screen shot below

Just un-tick IPv6 from the list and click on OK.

Outlook retry login solution

Outlook 2003 / 2007 Won’t Save Login Password

Outlook has a problem with logging in to a domain that is different to your local domain. So, this happens if your server is hosted outside of your local network.

To fix this problem open up your registry. (Start>Run or Search for Regedit)

The navigate to


Then modify the value of:

lmcompatibilitylevel to 2

If it doesn’t exist add a new “String Value“, call it “lmcompatibilitylevel” and modify the value to 2

This should allow outlook to open without prompting to login.